Welcome to the official Vanilla Skies Wiki! This wiki is for the Vanilla Skies map made by Penguini128. It's purpose is to provided players of the map useful information about the map and all of the features it add the the vanilla Minecraft game.

What is Vanilla Skies?

Vanilla Skies is a Minecraft map made by Penguini128. It is a recreation of the popular modpack Sky Factory that was created by Bacon_Donut. The map adds custom items, blocks, and advancement to the vanilla game using resource packs, functions, and 3D models. Similar to skyblock, you start on an island with 1 tree and 1 piece of dirt. You must invent new technologies in order to advance through the game, eventually automating machines to perform tasks you one had to do manually. The latest version of the map is alpha 0.4.1, and is made for Minecraft version 1.12.

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